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Yes, now from medical science comes the "BLUE
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Also helps stop
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Keeps you long, keeps you hard,
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Makes every love-making session
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        1.  You place a tiny "Blue Steel' strip on the tip of
          your tongue.  Instantly the formula's bio-stimulators
          start to help grow your penis extra long, extra thick
          and extra hard.

          2.  3 to 5 seconds later you will begin to feel your 
          penis swell and stiffen into a massive rigid-as-a-rock
          "pleasure tool" ready to pump away for up to one
          full hour without turning soft.

          3.  Then, after coming one or two times, if both of
          you are still not satisfied...and you want even more 
          action... simply place another "Blue Steel" strip on your
          tongue and fire away.  You can thrill to these 'repeat
          performances' up to 6 times a night.

ERECTIONS ON COMMAND...4, 5, 6 TIMES A NIGHT - or even more, if both you and your bed partner still have enough strength to go at it again, after hours of the hottest, most intense sex you've ever thrilled to!

Think of it!  Almost instantly after you melt the chichlet-size "BLUE STEEL" strip on the tip of your tongue, your penis leaps to life with a giant ramrod-stiff erection, loaded with such awesome potency, power and stamina you'll drive deep down inside her over and over again, like a massive piston-driving 'jack-hammer', that'll have her moaning, groaning and multi-climaxing like a woman gone wild!  Not only will this great formula help 'super size' your erection, it will also freshen up your breath at the same time with the great taste of cinnamon.

It's a wondrous, instant-acting breakthrough from medical science, (so small you can carry a whole month's supply tucked into your wallet, like a book of stamps, always ready to use), that more than exceeds the sexual demands of every man - and more than surpasses the wildest hopes, dreams and expectations of every woman!

You Take No More Pills - Use No More Devices... All You Need Is A Woman and A Bed! "BLUE STEEL" strip Does All The Rest!  Grows Huge, Hard, Long Lasting Erections Like You've Never Had Before... On Command...up to at Least 4 to 6 Times a Night!

Best of all, because the "BLUE STEEL" strip formula instantly goes directly to your body's nerve center that controls penis reaction, (unlike pills that have to travel through your entire intestinal and bloodstream systems before they even begin to work) and you feel its effect immediately.  Instantly "BLUE STEEL" strips give you control of your penis, like a Marine drill-sergeant.  When you want it up, it gets up on command!  When you want it hard, it gets hard...on command!  And when you command it to stay hard and keep on pumping away for as long as you want, until you're ready to come...or until she screams N-O-W!!! your penis responds with a dam-busting ejaculation that'll have her shuddering with uncontrollable spasms of ecstasy!  

But Wait!  You've Only Started - 
That's Only Round 1.  Ready For Some More?

Yes, with "BLUE STEEL" strips right after you come - you can get it on again, immediately.  No more waiting a half an hour, full hour, or even longer to jump back in the saddle.  No more lying there limp instead of long and fully embarrassed while she 'stews and steams' in frustration waiting for a repeat performance.  Instead, you simply melt another "BLUE STEEL" strip on the tip of your tongue, instantly get hard and start pumping away again!  "BLUE STEEL" strips always works, never fails, never lets you down, it's always UP!!!  But wait - there's still more good news to come!

Great For Women, Too!  Turns Her On.  Turns Her Up.  Turns Her Into
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To thrill the most exciting and wildest sex you've ever had in your life, simply 'treat' your love partner to a "BLUE STEEL" strip on the tip of her tongue.  In just seconds she'll start to feel its arousing effects on her clitoris.  Before your very eyes, you'll see a radiant glow envelop her face, her nipples start to harden and stand at attention like a pair of twin sentries, followed almost immediately by a hungry look and soft purring as her body begins to slowly grind and gyrate, while she pulls you tight against her firmed up breasts and thrusts you deep inside her.  For the next few hours both of you will be transported to the adult 'Disneyland of sex'! - A sexual wonderland where you'll indulge in all sorts of positions and practices you've never imagined before - come and climax over and over again until you finally expend every last drop of the sexual juices that "BLUE STEEL" strips have unleashed in your bodies.  Because for the first time in your life you will have reached the ultimate plateau on the road to 'Sexual Heaven' and thanks to "BLUE STEEL" strips never return to the plain, old hum drum sex of the past.

Yes, if you want to give yourself the power and the potency to grow 4, 5, even 6 huge, rock-hard erections a night, no matter how many times you come.

If you want to always have the super-virility you need to be 'rarin to go' and fully 'up' to it whenever you want it over and over again, all night long.

If you want to grow super-stud extra-long, extra-thick, extra hard erections ON COMMAND, with no shrink down, no droop down, no failing to rise to the occasion no matter how many times you are called upon to perform then you owe it to yourself to try "Blue STEEL" strips.

See for yourself why "BLUE STEEL" strips have been hailed as the GREATEST VIRILITY BREAKTHROUGH EVER ACHIEVED BY MEDICAL SCIENCE.  An absolute must for any sexually active man (or even a man shamed into sexual retirement due to inability to get it up, get it hard or premature ejaculation), and why you owe it to yourself and your in-bed partner or partners to send or call for this breakthrough discovery today.  

Yes, if you respond now, you are entitled to receive a Risk-Free supply of 'Blue Steel' strips at an unheard of introductory savings.  You must be completely satisfied that 'Blue Steel' strips are by far the most significant new medical advance in the enhancement of sexual pleasure and rejuvenating sexual ability and performance, giving you the power to GET AN ERECTION ON COMMAND AND MAKE LOVE AS OFTEN AS YOU WANT - ANY TIME YOU WANT - FOR AS LONG AS YOU WANT, NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU 'COME' (even if you have not raised a super-sized erection one time in the past 20 years)!

It Works As Fast and Sure As We Say It Does - Or Pay Nothing!

 "BLUE STEEL" strips will revive, revitalize and re-energize your sex life to a level of intensity and frequency you never dreamed nothing she's ever climaxed to, over and over again in her entire life...

If never before has your 'Sexual Reservoir' overflowed with such limitless supply of power and energy for NON-STOP MARATHON SEX with the stamina and lasting power to more than satisfy the most sex-hungry bed partner...then simply return it within 30 days for a FULL REFUND of the purchase price.  You have tested 'Blue Steel' strips entirely at our has cost you nothing...

But this is a strictly limited time offer.  Call 1-800-516-9699 or order online.  To make sure you do not miss out on years and years of the greatest sex in your life or deny your mate the most glorious and satisfying sensations a woman can ever experience, ACT NOW!

SPECIAL NOTE:  Since "BLUE STEEL" strips are equally effective for men and women, doctors recommend that for maximum pleasure couples take full advantage of this new medical discovery together.  However - while a man needs to take a "BLUE STEEL" strip for each new strip is all that is required to keep a woman fully aroused for up to 6 to 8 hours.




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