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                      "Xenadrine-EFX helped me drop 56 pounds
                       of fat faster than I ever imagined possible.
                        It is one amazing supplement."
-Bobby Aldridge

        "Being thin and toned has gone from a dream to                        
          reality thanks to Xenadrine-EFX. I had no idea a diet                        
supplement could be so effective.
"-Sandra Holt                  

It was only four years ago that Cytodyne Technologies first made history with the introduction of the original Xenadrine RFA-1. Never before had a diet supplement produced such amazing clinically proven results. Millions of people lost the fat, transformed their physiques, and along the way, helped make Xenadrine the #1 diet supplement in America. And yet, the researchers at Cytodyne continued to push the envelope in search of an even greater thermogenic breakthrough.

Mission accomplished! Introducing new Xenadrine-EFX, the next generation
 in advanced thermogenic technology.

This amazing, patent-pending formula produces an entirely new level of effectiveness never before seen in the diet supplement industry. In fact, it is the first product ever to be powered by an ultra-potent blend of natural, clinically proven metabolic compounds that work synergistically to produce unprecedented fat-burning results—without containing ephedrine!

New Xenadrine-EFX ultimately provides the most effective approach to losing weight ever developed! That may sound like a bold statement, but remember, this innovative formula was created by the same researchers that brought you the original Xenadrine. And like its predecessor, Xenadrine-EFX is the culmination of years of intense investigation into the sciences of nutrition, thermogenesis and metabolic activation. The end result is a true thermogenic breakthrough that is unequaled in its ability to increase metabolism and promote the fastest possible fat-loss, muscle-sparing results.

In fact, Xenadrine-EFX was recently put to the test in a head-to-head comparison clinical trial against two leading ephedrine-based thermogenic products and it significantly outperformed both! This landmark study marks the first time ever that any diet supplement has demonstrated greater metabolic boosting power than ephedrine. In further case studies, participants lost up to 20 pounds of fat in only 14 days time! These stunning results were up until now, completely unheard of! Scientists believe that Xenadrine-EFX is so much more effective at promoting rapid fat loss because it directly targets a multitude of key metabolic pathways, simultaneously! This is a scientific first!

And on the way, this one-of-a-kind supplement also greatly enhances mental focus and acuity, increases energy, suppresses appetite and provides valuable antioxidant activity, all at the same time.

Although it’s only been available for a very short time, already thousands of people, including hundreds of top celebrities and sports stars are raving about the results they’ve achieved with Xenadrine-EFX. Afterall, it’s their job to know what it takes to get and stay in the best shape humanly possible. Superstar pro athletes like Marshall Faulk and Olympic heroes like gold medalist Casey FitzRandolph are living proof of this amazing product’s effectiveness. Xenadrine-EFX helped them get in the best shape of their lives and literally dominate the competition.

Ultimately, the revolutionary new, ephedrine-free Xenadrine-EFX gives you the greatest opportunity ever to get in the best shape possible. There has never been a natural diet supplement capable of providing such life-changing benefits. This metabolic marvel represents the final piece to the fat-loss puzzle, making it the new standard in advanced thermogenic technology.

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