Max-RX is a very strong blood flow stimulator which forces blood into the chambers of your penis during arousal. Over an extended period of time, usually 90 days, the continuous forcing of extra blood into these chambers slowly expands them, causing your penis to increase in size, stamina, pleasure, and staying power. The average Max-Rx customer who takes 90 days of our product enjoys a 26% gain in size and girth.

Max-RX is the strongest, most potent vitality formula for men available.  The stamina and growth potential will blow men away.  The ingredients in our formula are the only ingredients doctors and scientists agree that work on this condition. 

Max-RX is a penis enlargement pill that helps enlarge the penis, and increase sexual stamina.  Max-RX for men is the latest penis enlargement capsule, which holds the most powerful penis enlargement formula found today.  Your penis size can increase up to 35% with our formula, and although we can never guarantee the outcome, we are very confident you will be a happy customer.  You'll enjoy a more confident and sexual life.

HORNY GOAT WEED: A time tested formula aphrodisiac that increases libido in men and women, and improves erectile function in men . Horny Goat Weed AKA Epimedium was described in ancient classical Chinese medicinal texts. Today, horny goat weed holds important place in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is gaining popularity around the world.

POLYPODIUM VULGARE ROOT: This herb function as a tonic for digestive health. It helps the body assimilate the Horny Goat Weed and this unique male-formula better into the system. NOTE: this herb added to maximize Horny Goat Weed aphrodisiac effects.

MACA PURE ROOT EXTRACT: To increase energy, vitality, stamina, and endurance in athletes, promote mental clarity, for fertility and to increase male seminal fluid volume, sperm count sperm motility, for treating male impotence and erectile dysfunction. Due to the number of steroidal glycossides present in Maca root it is gaining popularity among weight lifters and body builders as a natural alternative to anabolic steroids. The healing qualities of maca have helped the local native population thrive in this oxygen-poor plateau where they live. Maca root contains significant amounts of amino acids, complex carbohydrates , vitamins B1, B2, B12, C and E and Minerals, including calcium , phosphorus, zinc, magnesium and iron.

MUCUNA PRURIENS EXTRACT: Activates the body's natural fat burning process, enhances energy, promotes strong, healthy metabolism. Works with your body, balancing it and helping it achieve healthy, long lasting  results. The active ingredient has thermogenic or "fat burning" properties that enhance the body's ability to metabolize fat by healthy body temperature at  the cellular level. This is turn helps the body burn fat.

YOHIMBE BARK EXTRACT : Is the ONLY herb listed in the ( Physician's Desk Reference ) as supporting sexual function. The FDA approved Yohimbe ( the active ingredient in Yohimbe ) as the ONLY PLANT-DERIVED TREATMENT FOR IMPOTENCE years before Viagra came along, nickname "Herbal Viagra".  Yohimbe's power comes from combination of alkaloid yohimbe blocks alpha-2 adrenergic nerve activity, which normally constricts the blood vessels are allowed to dilate. The result is that the yohimbe increases blood flow while reducing blood pressure. Increased blood flow enhances a man's ability to achieve and maintain a man's erection. Yohimbe's energizing effects stem from it's ability to increase blood flow to the genitals, both male and female. It is thought to stimulate the pelvic nerve ganglia and thus is helpful for men and women with erection problems. Effects can include increased libido, increased sensation and increased stamina. Yohimbe bark stimulates chemical reactions in the body that may aid in psychogenic case of impotence , due to fatigue , tension and stress. Clinical studies have shown the herb to be effective in restoring potency in diabetic and heart patients who suffer from impotency. It increases the Body's production of norepinephrine which is essential in the formulation of erections. Yohimbe may also boost the adrenaline supply to nerve endings, which can quicken male sensual stimulation.

DAMIANA : In another major component of countless herbal "Viagra alternative" remedies, aphrodisiacs, love potions and impotence cures. Also, for its sexual enhancing qualities and positive effect on the reproductive organs. The pharmacology of the plant suggests that its alkaloids could have testosterone-like actions. Damiana is good for strengthening the nervous and hormonal systems. It may be used as an anti-depressant in cases of anxiety and depression where there is a sexual factor. It also has an ancient reputation as an aphrodisiac. 

Vitamin E ( Tocopherol ) : An Antioxidant that prevents premature reaction of oxygen in the body , prevents breakdown of many substances in the body. Essential to the use of oxygen by muscles, help improve circulation and promotes normal clotting and healing. Prolongs life of red blood cells.

Vitamins B-6 ( Pyridoxine ) :  Involved in a numerous amount of body functions. Essential for utilization of proteins and fats. Needed for production of red blood cells and antibodies, which fights disease. Helps in normal function of nervous systems.

Vitamins B-12 ( Cyanocobalamin ) : Powerful blood building factor. Key nutrients for new growth. Important factor in maintaining health of nervous system, including brain cells . Necessary for normal digestion, absorption of foods, protein synthesis and carbohydrate and fat metabolism.

Upon taking Max-RX, I did have my doubts.  Only after a couple months of use, did my doubts start disappearing.  I would personally like to thank Max-Rx for creating such a great product for us men that deal with this embarrassing issue.  You have truly changed my life and increased my confidence as a man!  Chris P.

Dear Max-Rx, my husband is the greatest man in the world to me, and I would do anything for him.  Well I knew he was very unhappy about his sexual performance which derived from his manhood size.  I purchased the 6 month supply of Max-RX and approached him with it.  Of course, at first he was very embarrassed and upset with me, but I assured him that the product would help his confidence, and to just give it a shot.  Well, it's been 8 months now and he's a true stallion in the bedroom and wanting more!  I trusted your product and your words and you didn't let me down. So THANK YOU SO MUCH, and please use this email for a testimonial if you wish.  It has improved two lives tremendously.  Stacy

Your product is the best I've tried.  I've tried many of them, but yours is the only one that's done anything.  Henry

Dear Sirs....I purchased one bottle of Max-RX and after taking it for one month, my stamina definitely changed, but I noticed nothing else.  I spoke with one of your support people and they encouraged me to try another 2-3 months worth of it and I did.  I guess I should have listened to your remarks of taking the pill for longer periods because it definitely makes a difference.  I'm confidence, stamina, and penis size.  I appreciate all you do for everyone.  Tom




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Our product is 100% all natural with no harmful side effects.  The only issues with our product are for people that have these two conditions:  High Blood Pressure or Heart Disease, Allergic Reactions to Shellfish. If you suffer from any of the above, we suggest speaking with your physician before purchasing our product.  The active ingredient Yohimbe will increase blood flow, which can raise blood pressure.  So if you currently have high risk blood pressure, it is not wise to take our product without consulting your physician.  We also have oyster meat extract which can be harmful if you are allergic to shellfish.