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Ancient Civilizations That Eat This Food Live Longer
And Disease Free Than Any Other People On Earth

Now science has found a way to put
immunizing enhancer extracts in a pill!

  Dr. Michael Ingraham, a leading medical researcher, discusses how a wondrous age-retarding enzyme called Proxeronine (of which Morinda Citrifolia contain 40 times more than any other food in all the world), has been demonstrated in a series of clinical studies that it may help rejuvenate the cells, glands and organs in human beings...and may not only slow down, but could actually reverse the aging process by as much as 15 to 20 years! What this discovery means is every man, woman and child may have the opportunity to achieve a normal lifespan of as much as 100 years perfect youthful of all disease, pain and suffering normally associated with growing older. Imagine years that are filled with more energy, more stamina, more get up and go than even your own children or grandchildren possess today!

Proxergen™ Contains:

Amount Per Serving %DV
Morinda Citrifolia 500mg   *
Red Raspberry Extract
(Elligac Acid 50,000 ppm)
25 mg *
* Daily Value Not Established

Morinda Citrifolia It has been stated that the “Polynesians use Morinda Citrifolia for basically everything in the treatment of illness.” They have been using it in a very wide range of medicinal applications for the past 2000 years. They believe it to be a miracle healing substance!

Research has shown that Morinda Citrifolia contains appreciable amounts of the precursor of xeronine which was named “proxeronine.” Proxeronine releases pure xeronine in the intestines when it comes in contact with a particular enzyme found in the Morinda Citrifolia. The theory is that when released, xeronine actually works at the molecular level to repair damaged cells. The primary function of xeronine is to regulate the rigidity and shape of specific proteins affecting different functions within the cells and a remarkable wide range of physiological responses.

Red Raspberry is used for disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, cardiovascular system and the mouth and throat. The leaves may be collected throughout the growing season. They are rich in vitamin C and contain astringent qualities due to their high tannin content. Red raspberry leaves have been used by women for centuries as a support to the reproductive system, especially during pregnancy. In folk medicine, it is used to facilitate childbirth. It may benefit visual acuity when used for a brief period of time. It also benefits joints and tendons.

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"I had to write and tell you my Proxergen experience. I wore glasses for years, from age 14 to 74 — 60 years. Not horribly thick but still a bother. Then I took Proxergen daily for 3 months. Now I enjoy 20/20 vision at age 74. Thanks Proxergen! I appreciated your having told me about the powers of Proxergen."
— *James J., Aiken, SC

"I've been taking your Proxergen the last 6 months. I went in for a check up the other day. It lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol to that of a man 25 years old — and without medication or special diet. Thanks Proxergen!"
— *Joe M., Lexington, MA

"I'm 93 and started taking Proxergen daily. Two months later, I'm a computer whiz! I even went out of retirement to become a part-time consultant and earn over $4,000 a month. To say the east, I am delighted with your fantastic product so I had to write and say thanks."
— *Travis F., Minneapolis, MN

"My wife and I have both been taking Proxergen for 2 months. After 37 years of marriage, it's like our love life has embarked on a second honeymoon. We both feel like we're young kids again. It feels even better cause we go longer with the same feeling, passion and intensity that hasn't been there for 25 years."
— *Jack M. San Antonio, TX

Who'd ever believe we are in our late 60's—with energy like they're 30! Just one more example of Proxergen's incredible rejuvenating powers.
*Sally H., Atlanta, GA

Recaptures the reflexes of a 30-year-old at age 68—plays 2 hours of singles daily! "Proxergen is the best tennis partner I ever had!"
*Irene L., Marco Island, FL



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Q: How many pills a day do I take?
"Take 2 a day."

Q: Will this react with any medication?
"No, this product is completely natural and has no known side effects or interactions."

Q: Are there any side effects known?
"No, there are no known side effects."

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