Ever wanted longer, stronger, and more explosive male orgasms?
Has your semen ever dribbled and you wish it would shoot out?
Have you ever wanted to impress your partner with massive semen ejaculations?

If you answered yes to the above questions then SemenRx® is the answer for your semen volume enhancement needs. With SemenRx®, you can get a larger load of semen volume which means more intense orgasm as well as the potential to have a second orgasm.

Our unique blend of ingredients will provide the nutrients needed to increase semen volume. The ingredients in SemenRx® stimulate semen and testosterone production in the testes. You may notice an increase in semen volume within just a few days and it can reach up to 500% with continued use!

Increased Semen Volume
Our unique blend of ingredients will provide the nutrients needed to produce more semen and sperm. The ingredients in SemenRx stimulate sperm and testosterone production in the testes. You may notice an increased semen volume within just a few days and it can reach up to 500% if you continue to use the product.

Longer & Stronger Male Orgasms
The intensity of a male orgasm is proven to directly relate to the strength of the penis and the amount of semen that is ejaculated. Therefore, if more semen is produced, your orgasms become more intense and much longer. With more semen ejaculated, your orgasm will also last longer. 

Multiple Orgasms
Not many men have had the pleasure of multiple orgasms. They simply do not produce enough semen to be multi-ograsmic. SemenRx will help you produce more semen volume so you can create the potential for multiple orgasms. You will have a larger store of semen to ejaculate. Ejaculating two or three times may become possible.

Healthier Looking Semen
SemenRx will help you produce white and healthier looking semen and sperm. Your semen will look thicker and better.

Improved Erections
Because SemenRx directly affect the male libido, the intensity and rigidity or your erections actually increases. Harder erections will result in more satisfying sex for your lover. No woman wants to make love to a less than erect penis.

More Sexual Desire
Our semen volume and sperm enhancing pill also increases testosterone levels which in turn increases your sexual desire. No longer will you have to turn your lover down when she wants to go "another round".

4.9 out of 5.0
Submitted Reviews By Customers

Rating: - Outstanding!
Semen Rx has made me very explosive - a larger substantial amount of semen - really makes me shoot out. It has also made my erections harder and ejaculations really intense.
Anonymous - Brooklyn Center, MN

Rating: - Very Good!
Not to bad at all. I did notice a little difference after the first couple days. Definitely enough to order another bottle to see if it helps me even more.
Matt C. - Martinsburg, WV

I was skeptical of SemenRx since I've tried other products with the same claims with no satisfaction. SemenRx really works! I recommend it to anyone who wants to increase their volume of semen, have more intense orgasms and be firmer even when flacid.
R.R - Pittsfield, ME

Wow! I couldn't believe the difference SemenRx made for me. I went from trickling out embarrassing drops to high explosive volumes within just days! Sex is now fun again, I can't wait until I see how much comes out the next time!
Anonymous - San Diego, CA

Not only did SemenRx increase my volume but my sperm is now looking thicker, whiter, and alot more healthier than ever before.
Tony DiCicco - Boston, MA

Thank you for a great product. I don't think I ever produced so much semen like this. My girlfriend is impressed with me again... thank you for helping me get my confidence back!
Marcus G. - Benton Harbor, MI

Howaya! Just want to let you know that I received order. I am extremely pleased with the expedition of the order! If product is as satisfactory as the service, I will definitely be coming (pun intended) back for more! Thanx again and resume life.
John Cox - Henderson, NV

All I can say is this stuff is pretty amazing. I will definitely be buying 3 more bottles very soon!
Bill G. - Raleigh, NC

OH MY GOODNESS! This stuff really works! We received it on Thursday and he took two pills that night -- Four on Friday, Four on Saturday, and by the middle of the day yesterday we saw a huge difference! I hope and pray this helps us conceive this month -- Thank you a million times over, we'll definitely be ordering more!!
J.C. - Miami, FL

Why should I increase my semen production?
By increasing the amount of semen and sperm load that you produce you will not only experience longer orgasms but you will also experience orgasms which are more intense and satisfying. Other benefits include confidence increase, increased sexual desire, rock hard, and longer lasting erections.

How long will it take to see results from SemenRx?
Some users report great results within just a few days. However, for others, it can take a little longer. 

Will SemenRx enlarge my penis?
SemenRx is designed to increase your semen production. However your erections will be harder and this will result in a slight increase in the size of your penis.

What are the main benefits of using SemenRx?
Increased sperm volume, longer lasting orgasms, increased sexual desire, intense orgasms, rock hard erections, powerful ejaculations and improved fertility. 

Will SemenRx still work for me if I had a vasectomy?
Yes, you can still enjoy all the benefits of using SemenRx. However, SemenRx will not make you fertile again.

Is SemenRx shipped discreetly?
Yes, your order will be shipped in a standard USPS mailing box. There will be no indication on the package of the contents inside. 



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