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How It Works:
After years of research, it was  discovered that a small amount of this unique combination applied to the skin (transdermally) caused miraculous weight loss. The patch eliminates hunger while burning fat. Actually, the way it works is truly extraordinary. When the patch is placed on the skin, this releases weight-regulating substances. The body slowly absorbs these elements, resulting in a “boost” to the thyroid gland. This increases the  metabolism and activates fatburning mechanisms.   

The Benefits of using the 
Slim Patch ™
 weight loss system:
Slim Patch is a 100% completely safe all natural product. No more pills no more fasting, with the Slim Patch  you can lose weight and still eat normal foods. 



About our Amazing Product!

The Slim Patch  is made of 100% All Natural ingredients with no side effects. Its so easy to use just peel and stick and let the patch start to work. The patch works 24-hrs a day even while you are sleeping. The Slim Patch  is based on an extract of marine algae also known as Bladderwrack. The Fucus regulates the amount of iodine in the thyroid. The thyroid controls your metabolism, which in turn burns fat and decreases appetite. 
The remarkable Slim Patch contains all 
100% natural minerals. Slim Patch should be used along with a healthy diet and doctor recommended exercise program.     


) Can I use Slim Patch with any other medication?

) The answer is Yes. Slim Patch will not affect your normal medications thanks to the fact that it is a natural product and will have no adverse side effects.

Q) How soon I will start losing weight with Slim Patch?

A) You will see results the first week. Slim Patch will usually control your appetite within 3 days, allowing you to lose weight right away. For some people it make take longer to activate the metabolism

Q) How much weight will I lose with Slim Patch?

A) In recent laboratory studies results proved that most people lose from 2 to 4 lbs. per week. There have been cases reported of as much as 6-lbs. weight loss in one week. Results will vary from person to person, determined by how well you follow your weight loss program.

Q) How long will I need to be on the Slim Patch program?

A) The weight you lose will depend on the total amount of weight to be lost. Some people only need one 4-week supply, others make take more time.

Q) How will Slim Patch help me lose weight?

A) Slim Patch works by controlling your appetite and food cravings. When you eat less you start automatically losing weight.

Q) Can anyone use Slim Patch?

A) Yes any healthy person can use Slim Patch. Pregnant women or people with any medical condition should not follow this weight-loss program without supervision of their health care professional


Slim Patch is a miracle. I incorporated it into my diet. I must admit, inches have been lost, my appetite has decreased and I’ve discovered a new energy level. The best part about this is that it’s all natural. Finally, I’m free of those horrible prescription drug side effects. Being pleased with the results of your product, I’d like to share with anyone else; once you try the “patch” you won’t be sorry!

-James Russo, Chicago, Il.

It’s true!  I didn’t believe it would work—it does!  It’s great!  I feel great and look better than I have in years. I recommend Slim  Patch to anyone who wants to lose weight.
-Maria Gongalez, Miami, Fl.

I am writing to thank you for the success I have had with Slim Patch. Over the past 20 years I have tried every diet conceivable without results. I am pleased to inform you Slim Patch has succeeded where all others have failed and I am ecstatic over your product. I lost those inches I’ve been carrying for years, and it was so easy! 
-Linda Seigler, San Francisco, Ca.

1 Month Supply (10 three-day patches) $27.49
  2 Month Supply (20 three-day patches) $54.98 

  3 Month Supply (30 three-day patches) $82.47 


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Individuals with diabetes, pregnant women and women breast feeding are recommended not to use the Slim  Patch. Individuals who have problems with thyroid glands consult your physician before using our product. The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and is not meant to substitute for advice provided by a healthcare professional. The information provided should not be used for diagnosing, treating or prescribing medication for treatment of a disease or health-related condition. You should carefully read all information provided in product packaging and follow the appropriate directions for use. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your healthcare professional.


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